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  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving in Machalilla is a treat. The vibrant, colorful reefs clinging onto the rocks underwater, where sponges, eels and gorgonians lay, are not only visited by a wide variety of colorful warm-water fish, but larger marine wildlife including whales, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, even sharks, that arrive all year round. There aren’t many […]

  • Kayaking

    We offer 3 kayaking journeys inside Machalilla National Park. Options 1 and 2 include a delicious box lunch, snorkeling gear, kayaks and paddles, transportation back to Mantaraya Lodge, and a naturalist guide that will take you to the most special attractions and show you the natural diversity of this.

  • Whale Watching

    Knowing a whale is near is exciting. Seeing its enormous, sculptural body plunge out of the water in front of you, making a thunderous splash as it crash lands, is something else. And witnessing a mother and child rolling together near the ocean’s surface is a true inspiring experience you will keep with you forever. […]

  • Snorkeling

        There several wonderful and unique spots in Machalilla National Park. From Isla de la Plata to Salango Island, Los Frailes and Tortuguita Beach, the entire area is an ideal place to discover the wonders under the sea. 

The Machalilla National Park has a wide variety of marine flora and fauna dispersed in several […]

  • Bird Watching

    Ecuador was made for birdwatchers. It is one of the most exciting countries in the world for one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world, with a spectacular species count of 1650 (and counting): a clear testimony to the country’s biodiversity at every level. But what is most interesting about Ecuador is its size […]

  • Horseback Riding

    For more adventurous guests, we offer a great way to explore the San Sebastian cloudforest… on horseback! Trails designed by the locals will take you through deciduous and semi-deciduous forest into the fabulous humid forests of the coastal mountain chain, at an elevation of around 800 m. This tour offers you the chance to observe […]


From the outset, we have prided ourselves for having created a veritable sustainable tourism venture, whose main objective is protecting the environment, showcasing our natural world, minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting environmental awareness and including the local communities in our efforts. Responsibility, a strong sense of ethics and the best service possible have been our greatest assets to date, and we wish to continue our dedicated work in the future.
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